Command Center for Smart Trading

Master crypto and bot strategies with our advanced features - from market making to private transactions.


Sniper Bot

NippyBot provides traders with unparalleled precision and adaptability needed to navigate the cryptocurrency markets effectively.

Limit Orders

Market Maker


Private Transaction



Mirror transactions of top-performing wallets, amplifying your gains

Wallet Bot

Smart Wallet

Access advanced tools for better asset control and security

Wallet Checker

Verify and monitor the status of any wallet with ease

Tracker Bot

Navigating the crypto waves with confidence, armed with the ability to stay informed about market trends, whale activities, and token movements.

Market Monitoring

Tracker Bot provides real-time insights into market movements, allowing you to track price fluctuations, identify trends, and seize opportunities as they arise.

Whale Wallet Tracking

Tracker Bot unveils the movements of crypto giants. Picture having VIP access to observe and decipher the strategies of major players in the crypto world!

Token Tracker

Never lose sight of your favorite tokens. Tracker Bot allows you to effortlessly monitor and stay updated on the performance of the cryptocurrencies that matter to you.

Gas Monitor

Never be caught off guard by gas fluctuations. Tracker Bot monitors gas prices, sending timely notifications to optimize transaction costs, enhancing trading efficiency.

X Bot

X Bot represents the social arm of NippyBot, combining advanced technology with social intelligence to revolutionize your crypto trading strategy. Follow KOLs effortlessly, stay current with recent posts, and be in the know about the latest trends.